The purpose of the Foundation.

Edited by Manas Sripen

Secretary of Foundation.

From the record books“The purpose of the founder was Sammajivasilpa Foundation.” Who are the founders Dr. Luang  Prinyayokvibul,  Phra Aramrojit, Phya Amomrittamrong  Phra Songkrampakdi,  Phra Pawarolarnwittaya.
The author is saved for those concerned with the administration. Participants who would like to know. They do not wish to be used for the public.
I feel that some of them would be useful for executives., Descendants of the owners of capital and donors. Congratulations to gain knowledge to share. The mission is to carry the current practices. And tomorrow is going to be required. According to the spirit of its founder.

 Biological activity of Sammajivasilpa Foundation. As a result of the founder's remark about the education of the country in the year 1927  as the successor to anxiety Buddhism.

In ancient temple used as a school at the same time. Youth who wish to study need to be measured. By requesting a disciple of monks. Be taught to read and write the calculation and temple repair to get used to handcraft. Practice prayer and sermon. There are no cues to the evil. Because no vices have witnessed Other monks Are all good examples of. Children will be taught both religious and academic knowledge along the way. Youth out of the temple appear to have a career primarily as a base.

Management education
        Later, when the state of education in the schools. Instead of sending children to measure, We were sent to school Academic education has increased ( to enhance intelligence. IQ = Intelligence Quotient ) But religion still left in the temple. Environment, it is tempting to enchantment to the very vices. Can not help themselves to a good life difficult.
The people of Thailand is known as a Buddhist, but an intrinsic part without the knowledge of the Buddhist religion. They were never been treated like a Buddhist or any other congregations. This species has a lot more people as well as those that have been studied, such as the ones in the capital. They found that those who have been a moral education under the access of rural education. They have studied under the old curriculum. To learn and practice the natural environment in which they live. This epitomizes the virtues of Buddhism to contain. If a highly educated people cheat. Is even more hurting others. Who less educated,
because the intelligent people tend to be a victim to his advantage. This is consistent with a copy of the Letters. King Chulalongkorn's reign at No. 5, at 52 stories.
Fair to teach students Given to the Supreme Patriarch of Bowon Niwet Temple on July 24th. 1897.   The study Let's make a moral codes could only take roots and flourish mind training ....... Religious instruction in schools in the city and districts must take place. A concern that children in the back. Will depart from the faith and become no more conscientious ...... If it have knowledge, Would behave better than those who did not study........ If you are not fluent or at least seldom cheat, But if not completely spontaneous and more cheating..... .
     We will
each Often stare Buddhist teaching and training our knowledge in Buddhism all over the man. How not to waste my morale And no one would blame or react any. It will benefit both the individual and collective. The spacious teach generosity is not lost because we did not intervene into the religion of others. He did not want to affect Thailand, we have a guiding principle in life.
Is the state religion and monarchy. The three main must teach it to feel loved and respected by faith. Any institution to undertake teaching, training as well as the school. Therefore, schools should teach the curriculum and recruiting the youth can feel difficult to nurture the spirit and loyalty. It is the only way To teach Buddhism directly To make education accessible to the heart of Buddhism. It is necessary to shift the great Buddhist.


The present studyMoral Form at this time Lest there be not as effective as hoped. Lack of significant The teacher can not control the behavior of students thoroughly. Any student who better to teach caring parents. Parents who neglect was no remedy. Therefore, to moral education or moral hope it works out to be difficult to learn. Decorum Which only the students know how to behave in society must not be rude. This helps students to trick people know that they are good people.
(Known to emotional expression.
EQ.= Emotional Quotient ) They actually would not mind something from it already has. The missionaries are the factors that make the children follow the teachings because of the fear of sinning against the faithful admirer. Must be coupled Therefore, it should be taught to young Buddhist serious one since kindergarten. Teaching Buddhism to be a teacher who can guide and instruct the children do not get bored. To keep things simple by creating the event. Implementation sermon at the temple. Invite him to preach the school year. Or take the child to clean the temple to observe the peaceful environment. Taken to refer to objects or artifacts in a difficult measure to nurture. Training children to get used to the gods to be loyal to knit with the soul. ( A moral basis MQ = Morally Quotient ) Etc. These

The Care Education Foundation When the founder of the preamble, then, that there is no way. To make a study of the country progresses. The idea is believed to be accurate. In addition to establishing his own school under the Foundation, In this way, only to have the idea in mind to test a theory.

The children are the Intellectual knowledge
Known to behave in society peacefully ( EQ )
Have a merciful Being happily (

The founder was noted that in the early to set up a school for poor families. And to provide education without paying tuition. But when it comes to planning Admitted that the reason that The fees are not In the beginning they could not. There will be no money for the teachers. And set up the administration of the school (including the development of quality education needed basis) if it hopes that the money from the charity would not suffice. The need to keep tuition Enough to feed. But grant the school would remain voluntary.

With regard to the implementation The remark was not in it, that would be too slow. To those who have supported from the almihty are good or not.?

Finally saw at once that to do with understanding the influence of some people always come back to it. Public education in our country They do not know how to stand on their own. But will always need someone to help ( this is seen in the present. The values ​​in the pursuit of individual leaders. To a high position in the government. Or an officer of the rank of General, and then make the necessary arrangements. Is going smoothly without obstacles. ?????? )

Therefore Should be given to people who believe or socially appropriate. People help each other to be better.
With the community to get involved and be strong in the national unity. And business done, it will be stable forever.
This is consistent with a democratic country we live. If all parties to the government to lift all. The people that do lighten our burden to some extent. Nation will grow fast can be difficult. Because all of these Restrained and must have made satisfactory progress, slowly but steadily, with the hope that it fully. It's time for one day. People would gather to support.


Benefits: The executive directors of the Foundation. Happen to the believers Consistent with the objectives of the opinion.

Will not receive any benefits.

This is an important This foundation will help or believing donations are accepted.
If the remuneration committee The Foundation has also become a front organization for the benefits feeds. Referred to charitable organizations not close the public. The organization is believed to be the opposite of a man who never debauchery. Then go into drunk, drug-free consciousness itself.


This is a record that is written by the founders. I would like to cut out some of the messages that the founders have discussed the problems in the stands out the key principles that need to have inherited the spirit. To continue.