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Section 3
Property Funds

Section 4
Patrons Foundation

Section 5

Director property

Section 6

Section 7

Duties of Directors

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Committee meetings

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Issue resolved

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The transformation of assets

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Dissolution Foundation

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Miscellaneous provisions

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The Sammajivasilpa Foundation.

................... The Sammajivasilpa Foundation Is a registered charity (No. 68) is incorporated on March 29th, 1949 and published in the Government Gazette, Volume 66, Episode 23 page 1618 to April 10. 1949 and equity in Book 79 at 22. dated March 6, 2007 with the first 89 to 25 of 15 February 1972 to its current location at 742 Soi PhetchaburivRd. Phayathai, Bangkok.

Section 1

Mark the name and office address

Article 1  The foundation is named Sammajivasilpa Foundation S.J.S. statement that calls into English. The Foundation for Education in the Art of Right Living

Article 2   LOGO ILLUSTRATION, The sun and the lotus flowers. This is the mark of the Foundation These four central water lotus the sun's rays in a double circle surrounding a lotus.
Article 3 Office of the Foundation is located at 742 Soi Phaya Nak PhyaTai Road, RatChaThewi Bangkok 10400 serpent.

Section 2


Article 4  The purpose of this foundation is
             4.1  For the maintenance and promotion of education: To establish school; to help persons so as to enable them to earn a living in the Right Livelihood in accordance with teaching of Lord Buddha; and to bring up young generations to profess faith in Right Occupation, one of the characteristics of the Noble Eightfold Path which is the essential principle of the Buddhist.

   A.   Students will be taught in the course. The Ministry of Education, including kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. With vocational

B.  Providing education, training focussed on the Dhamma. In Buddhism Love Thailand Cultural Training And support performance of Arts and Crafts

Let the training principles and cooperative ways to help themselves and the community.           Economic and Social So far as a Buddhist settlement in the end.

4.2    Schools under the auspices of the Foundation in order to do away with completely stable under enforce. In. The. School.

4.3 adopt needy poor students to have the opportunity to graduate from the school in the Foundation itself. Or encourage funding for higher education institutions in various professional fields to be stable.

4.4     Promote the welfare of the students and staff of the Foundation to ensure the realization of livelihood for his daughter to the University faith in Buddhism is one of the voiceless, the main critical path of Buddhism.

4.5      To foster monks and nuns to study philosophy. Some professional disciplines, such as teacher of first aid and other subjects in order to help the student training opportunities should be good son.

4.6      Action to the public interest or in cooperation with other charitable organizations in the country and abroad for public use.

4.7    No action involved in politics what soever.

Section 3

Capital assets and the acquisition of property.

Article 5  First the assets of the Foundation.

         5.1 Cash 14,000 baht (Ten Thousand Baht) was first incorporated on March 29th, 1949.

Article 6  Foundation may acquire property by the following method.

         6.1     Money or property is given by will or any act without any conditions attached to the Foundation are responsible for the debt.

Courting the goods or any other

         6.2    Money or property donated to the faithful.

         6.3    Interest arising from the assets of the foundation.

         6.4     Revenue generated from the duties of the agency, which is owned. Or income from any other special events to increase the interest accumulated.
The board of directors shall invest these properties, not for sharing profits, but for apply their income to the aforesaid objectives.

Section 4
Patrons foundation Statistics

7. The Board of managing directors shall invite the present Supreme Patriarch and his successors and may invite such oter patriarches who are well respected by the public to be patrons of the foundation.

Section 5

Property and retirement of directors.

Article 8  Board of managing directors shall have the following features.

          8.1    Least 20 years of age.

         8.2    Not bankrupt Or incompetent Or quasi-incompetent

         8.3     Not be sentenced to imprisonment. Unless negligence Or misdemeanors

         8.4     Well-behaved Located in morality. As a devout Buddhist steadily.

Article 9   Director of the Foundation for retired on.

         9.1     Expiration of the term

          9.2    Death or resignation

       9.3    Disqualified under section 8 of the instrument

         9.4     Is the conduct and behave as derogatory. The Board of Directors has resolved to be issued by the votes of not less than three-quarters of the total number of honorary directors.

Section 6

Operation of the Board of Trustees.

Article 10 The Foundation is run by a Board of managing directors. Not less than five nor more than 11 members, including the Chairman of the Foundation. Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other positions. That the Board of Directors may deem appropriate.
Article 11 of the Board at the Board of Trustees. Set of tenure For those who have qualified for appointment to the board in full.
12. To elect the following Directors.
The managing dirrectors shell elect among themselves one member to be chairman,Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other positions. That the Board of Directors may deem appropriate by the instrument.
Article 13 of the Foundation for a term of 4 years.
Article 14 to ensure the implementation of the Foundation have been possible without contact. When the Board of Trustees has the duty to 2 years (half of tenure), a draw lots to half of the number of directors to be elected as the first Director of the Foundation.
15. Election of Directors A majority vote of the Board of Trustees as the resolution of the meeting.
16. The Directors to retire by rotation in the first term may be elected as a director again.
17 If the position is vacant, the Charity Commission. For the rest of the Foundation Board of Trustees, a person to fill the vacancy. Directors who have been in a position to fix the term of their predecessors.

Section 7

Duties of Directors


Article 18 Have the authority to act on behalf of the Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation And regulations under this instrument to be authorized in the following.

18.1 Policy Foundation And implementation of the policy

18.2 Management of Financial Control And assets of the Foundation

18.3 Governance Report Financial report and balance sheet, income - expenses. The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) under the government plan.

18.4 conducted in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Trustees. and the purpose of the instrument emerging.

18.5 enacted regulations on the operation of the foundation.

18.6 appointment or removal of one or more committees of the Board to proceed. Specifically, the Foundation Under the control of the Board of Eleven.

18.7 invited experts or the contributors to the foundation as a Director Emeritus.

18.8 invited dignitaries as patrons.

18.9 invited experts as advisors to the Board of Trustees.

18:10 appointment or removal of officers of the Foundation.
Approved the implementation of Article 18.7.,18.8, 18.9 requires a majority vote of the meeting of the Board of Directors and Advisors. The invitation-only .

Article 19 Chairman is authorized as follows.

       19.1 As Chairman of the Board of Eleven.

       19.2 Order to the Board of Trustees Meeting

       19.3  A representative of the foundation in contact with outsiders and to do any act of charity. Or to sign the documents, instruments and literature as evidence in legal proceedings and the Foundation. When Chairman Or deputy Or a committee of two people have signed it was available.

19.4  Other operating the instrument And resolutions of the Board of Trustees. or any other mission of the Foundation. Chairman may appoint officers of the Foundation. To Operate in the As that will benefit the foundation, according to the mission.

Article 20 The Vice-Chairman acting as Chairman when the Chairman is unable to perform their duties. Or if the Chairman of the audit office.


Article 21 If the Chairman And Vice Chairman of this meeting, unable to perform any one time. Elected to the Board of Trustees at any one time there as chairman for the meeting.

Article 22        The Secretary of Foundation: Be responsible for the implementation of the Foundation Contact Administrative Regulatory treatment of foundation Meeting of the orders of the Chairman and the minutes. The report of the Foundation

Article 23        Treasurer is responsible for financial control Assets of the Foundation, as well as accounting and related documentation are correct and in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Board of Trustees.

Article 24        For the position The duties prescribed by the Board of Trustees. The command Authority to clearly identify

Article 25       Foundation Board of Directors shall be entitled to attend or other members of the foundation. Every director of founation shell have the following qualification, characteristics, and status:

1 sui juris , 2 good conduct, 3 a secure foundation, and 4 sincere confidence and appreciation of Ethics and Morality of Buddhist.

Section 8


Article 26 Foundation Board May appoint or remove members as appropriate. Appointed a sub-committee of the Or for any special, incidental, special occasions. And after the Board of Directors has appointed a Chairman, Secretary or other location Subcommittee on it. For each sub-committee was appointed themselves. Wimax for such

Article 27        Subcommittee in position until the completion of the work assigned to them. The sub-committee of the Board of Trustees for the time limit. If not specified, then the term only in the position of the Foundation Board, which is appointed or retired member may be reappointed.

       27.1 Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Board of Directors assigned.

       27.2 Comments Committee is responsible to the Board of Trustees. About the work assigned.

Section 9

Board of Directors Meeting.

Article    28    Board of Trustees will be held the Annual General Meeting each year in June and requires directors to attend at least half of the total membership. To constitute a quorum

Article 29 Extraordinary meetings may have when Chairman. Or when the Board of Trustees from 2 managing director must be present to form a quorum.

Article    30    Schedule meetings and quorum of the committee. According to the Board of Directors shall determine. If not specified in the relevant section. Meeting of the Sub-Committee agreed. And in respect of Article 28 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the quorum.

Article    31    At the Board of Directors or committee. Except as otherwise required by regulations. A resolution of the meeting shall be a majority. In case of equal votes The Chairman of the meeting has the casting vote. Any business that are routine or minor. Chairman Has the power to use the book for the resolution of the meeting of the Board of Trustees. The Chairman shall report to the Board of Trustees of the next to reach a consensus and the Company will be carried away by such resolution.

Article    32    At the Board of Directors or committee. Chairman is authorized to invite. Or let the appropriate attendees. As the guest of honor Or spectator Or to clarify Or to consult the assembly device.

Section 10


Article   33    Chairman or Vice Chairman in the case of acting. Authorized payment term of not more than 10,000 Baht if more than that amount must be approved by the Board of Directors by a majority vote. Where it is necessary And rush to the discretion of the Chairman to approve the payment is then required to report to the Board of Trustees to the next meeting.

Article    34   Treasurer has the power to keep cash at a time not exceeding 1,000 Baht.

Article    35    The Foundation's cash and documents must be deposited with banks or other financial institutions are government-guaranteed. As the Board of Directors may deem appropriate.

Article    36    Ticket orders paid by check or money orders. It must be signed by the Chairman or deputy. The Secretary or the Treasurer to sign every time. Be disbursed

Article    37    All funds and assets of the Foundation is financed under Articles 5 and 6 in Section 3 must maintain a cumulative cost. A memorial of the donor And the interest cost to the cost of operating as intended.

       37.1  Foundation to pay just to pay interest from the property as the foundation. And the benefits arising from the accumulation of capital units under or in respect of money that donors have expressed their intention to be retained in particular.

       37.2 Cost of Advances The amount of interest Activities in order to promote the implementation of the objectives of the foundation's capital and disbursed in accordance with the prescribed accounting. The higher revenue expenditure was imported capital accumulation.

       37.3 Amount paid by donors specifically for use in any particular case, based on the wishes of the donors.

       37.4 Consider the potential is only about occasionally. The high costs exceed revenues required to pay interest on capital accumulation. Proposals may be accomplished by obtaining the approval of the Board of Trustees. If the meeting for approval and authorization to do so by a unanimous vote of the quorum.

Article    38    The Board of Trustees of the rules relating to the accounts and assets of the foundation. The established functions On the receipts and expenditures other than those specified in the regulations.

Article    39    The auditor of the foundation. The Board of Trustees approved And the appointment of a person who is not a director or other officer of the foundation. It will serve as honorary Or receive compensation contingent, however, the Board of Directors shall determine.

Article    40    The auditor has the authority to audit the accounts of the Foundation. And the Balance Sheet for the year, the Foundation Board of Trustees is required to report to the Ministry of Interior. And the Ministry of Finance ( Revenue Department ), the auditor has the right to audit and related documents, as well as ask the Charity Commission. And the staff of the Foundation on any subject related to finance. Accounting and document it.

Section 11

Amendment Issue


Article 41 Amendment Issue Will be made by the board of directors of the foundation. This must be a committee meeting, not less. Three-quarters of the total membership. A resolution to modify or supplement the instrument shall consist of not less than three - four of the members present at the meeting.

Section   12

The transformation property

Article    42    In case of adverse change in the Real Estate Foundation. Shall be as follows:

       42.1  The real estate assets of the Foundation Which was donated by the faithful. Will be performed by an approval from the dedication. If not, then live Board of Trustees at the meeting considers it appropriate and approved the implementation of the resolution.

       42.2 Assets of the Foundation Which is derived from the Foundation's own funds. If the Board of Directors deems it appropriate and approved to operate. By a vote of not less than three-quarters of the board of directors. For the implementation of the resolution.

Section 13

Dissolution Foundation

Article    43    If the foundation comes to an end circumstance. its remaining properties shall be transferred to the Ministry of Education.

Article    44    The end of the Foundation The legal provisions of the Foundation shall be terminated without the court to dismiss the following reason.

       44.1  When the foundation was allowed to register. Establish a property tax has not been fully committed.

       44.2 When two-thirds of Directors resolved to cancel.

       44.3 The Foundation can not find a director in the amount specified in the instrument.

       44.4 The Foundation can not proceed without any reason.

Section 14

Miscellaneous provisions

Article    45     Interpretation of the instrument Foundation If it is suspected that the Board of Directors by a majority of the directors is the arbiter.

Article     46     The provisions of the Civil and Commercial Foundation came into force when the instrument of the Foundation is not defined.

Article     47     The Foundation will not do a lucrative trade. And will be implemented in addition to the investments required.