The aim in founding gained Sammajivasilpa Foundation.

Compiled by Mr. Manus Sripen

The Sammajivasilpa Foundation's Secretary-General.

From the book The Purpose of Founding the Sammajivasilpa Foundation " the founding members were: Professor Luang Prinyayokvibul, Praya Amomrittitamrong, Pra Songkrampakdi, Pra Pawaroiarnwittaya and Pra Aramronachit.

  A written record for those involved in the administration. And those interested only know. It is not intended for public use.

I see that some messages are useful for executives heirs of capital owners and donors. To get to know them together. It will also propagate the current practice. And the future is right. It is based on the intent of the founder.

Activities of Sammajivasilpa Foundation As a result of the founding of the Thailand's educational management in the year 1927, with anxiety to the Buddhist. In ancient times, the temple was a school with itself. The youth who wish to study must go to the temple. He is a disciple of the monk. There is teaching, reading and writing, teaching is calculated. Practice the prayer and listen to the opportunity. There is no evil in the way. Because there is no lust. Other monks They are all good examples. Children will be taught both religious and academic knowledge simultaneously. The youth who came out of the temple appeared to have a career as a base.

State management Later, when the state management school set up. Instead of sending children to measure We went to school. Academic education has increased ( IQ intelligence = Quotient intelligence), but the religion left in the temple. The environment is tempting to enchant in the very way. I can not help myself to live well. The people in Thailand are Buddhist, but called for a shift in essence, is the lack of knowledge of Buddhism yet. Buddha never treated.
         Anything. These people are numbered as much as those who have been educated, such as people in the capital. It seems that those who have been well educated have a lower moral standard than those without education in rural areas. In fact, the rural people he has no education. If he is studying the old way, there is no course. But learning and practicing the natural environment that they are. The virtue consists of the moral of Buddhism. If a high education is cheating It is very difficult to persuade others. Because wise people often take poor people, education is a victim for his sake. 
Which corresponds to the copy of the royal patriarch's King Chulalongkorn King 5 No. 52 about 
teaching theology to students  the subject of this study. Please help to bend a lot. The teaching of religion in schools in both the city and Out of town will have to be. There are concerns that the  It is far from religion to become an unjust person in mind. 
We often teach, teach and teach our Buddhists all the principles of Buddhism. Do not waste the moral. And no one can criticize or react in any way. Do not make anyone suffer because of such teaching. It will be beneficial to both individuals and the public. The teaching of generosity is not lost because we do not interfere with the religion of others. Finding no harm to him.

we have essentially upheld a life is 3. The main is the national and religion and the king. These three must be trained to feel love, faith and worship. Which institutions will be teaching as well as schools will see no. Therefore, the school should put the curriculum and recruiting instructors to the youth can feel difficult cherish and loyal mentally. There is only one way. Buddhism must be taught directly. It will make the student access to the heart of Buddhism.

The current study moral education or immoral " by the time this is. Lest it not be as expected. Because of lack of key factors. The teacher can not control the behavior of the students thoroughly. Any student who is attentive to the instruction Any parent who is abandoned can not cure it. The study of ethics or morals is expected to be as difficult as learning wealth ", which only students know how to behave in a society that does not spoil. It is a learning experience to make others feel good. Emotional Quotient) 
But the truth is that it is not wrong to be. Teaching religion is a factor that motivates children to follow the doctrine because of their fear of sin and devotion to faith. Must be together. Therefore, it is recommended to teach Buddhism to young people seriously from kindergarten. Teachers of Buddhism must have special teachers who can lead and do a guide to children not interested. By creating a way to easily understand the activities by listening to the practice of measurement. The monk presented at the school. Or take the children to clean the temple to observe the peaceful environment. Take a look at the artifacts or artifacts in the temple. ( MQ = Morally Quotient).
Establishment of Educational Foundation When the founder of the preamble 
was such that it no way. To make the study of Thailand. The idea is believed to be correct. The school will be established. In this way, there is only one way to experiment.

The child is a person. Intellectual Knowledge 
(with IQ) to 
practice peacefully in the society (with EQ ), 
have a compassionate spirit 
to live happily (with MQ)

The founders recorded that in the first grade, they would set up schools for poor families. And will provide education without tuition. But when planning to come. Reason to accept that. No tuition fees I can not do it in the first place. There is no money to pay teachers. And the administrative costs of the school (including the development of quality of basic education), if you are hoping for money from a charity, will not suffice. It is necessary to collect tuition fees. I have to feed it. But the whole school was still in purpose. If possible, when to do it immediately.

About the operation. The founders were concerned about the fear of being too slow. Is it possible to invite a great supporter 
Finally, it is seen that doing anything if someone's influence is always backing it. Public in our nation I do not know how to stand on my own legs. I have to help people always (this is seen today. The value of seeking individual leaders. To be a high ranking official. Or a soldier who has the rank of general, will make the operation. With no obstacles to successfully ??????). It should make people believers or society itself. People will help each other well. People in the community will participate and be stronger in national unity. And the business will be stable forever. It is consistent with the democratic regime in our country. If it were to take all the business to the government. The people do not help to take away some of it. The country will grow rapidly. The reasons mentioned above. I have to stop and be satisfied with progress slowly but steadily, with full hope. It's time to go one day. The people will support each other.

Reward All the directors are the administrators of the foundation. Happened from the believer.

Will not get any benefits. In return This is important. This foundation will have the believer donate the aid or not be accepted. If the director accepts the benefits. The Foundation will become a front organization for the benefit of the party. It is called a public charity organization is not close. It will change from a faithful organization to the opposite of a person who has never had alcohol. Then go to the drug without consciousness. This is the record that the founders wrote. I would like to edit some of the messages that the founders have addressed the barriers, but only the key principles that require the inheritance. Keep going.

History and Resolutions 

Thailand Education Development Policy 
From the Book of Records, Founding of the Sammajivasilpa Foundation, published on May 17, 1969, written by Mr.Sort  Interview with Professor Luang Prinyayokvibul, ( Chom Ramakomud ) was born with the idea of ​​improving the education of the people. 

From the trip to the province to the Korat - Ubon 
See the living of the villagers to harvest rice just enough to eat the rest. They leave it to the rat and bird. 
Finding water sources, it is difficult to go far, people are natural, do not think of developing, farming or digging ponds as a source of water.

In the east, take a boat to explore the way from Sattahip to Chanthaburi by boat. Seeing a drowning ship and damaged goods, the villagers to collect their own goods. The owner wants the mast to pay the ransom. Feel the villagers instead of helping. the poor are back to the benefit. They are poor, do not do anything natural. 

I think the education policy of the country is very defective. 
The study of the orientation to be a civil servant did not make people realize the self.

In 1927, he wrote an article entitled "The Siamese Education Curriculum". But editor do not accept that readers are mistaken for a state policy.

Foundation Founder 
Later, after the change of administration in 1946 to meet Pra Aramronachit. and a friend, Both are interested in education already. 

And also tell not to rely on the government again, fear of history will repeat itself. We help each other better. By jointly establishing the foundation.

Professor Luang Prinyayokvibul Been in school In England, set up as a charity school. It is used as a non-profit foundation.

I started to invite Pra Pawaroiarnwittaya who is a high school student together and is a teacher of good education. And Phraya Amrithithamrong has consulted with the founder of the registration for the registration.

Draft Instrument Foundation The purpose is to have the Buddha as a core 8 points.  To be a good man, the other components into the main three in the educational project. 
Do not use three major arcs. Is reading and writing arithmetic of the guava. It does not use the principle that education, education and physical education, but the "moral, intellectual, professional"  This is not one of the three. Those who have been educated must also be moral. But wisdom, knowledge, lack of morality. It is not good if people have the knowledge, then the cheating, it is more encroachment on the other people because most wise people are fools are victims. 

We will let the ignorant, the immoral, and then the wise. When morally And if you neglect to ignore. I do not know how to use it, but the theory can not lead to a career is good. 

The Ministry of Interior has requested permission from the Cultural Council. As well as start-up capital of Baht 14,000 (fourteen thousand baht) registered by the name "Sammajivasilpa Foundation"  It was registered on March 29, 1949. 

School establishment 
Beginning at only 14,000 baht, how to set up a school ? ? 
To find enough property to perform. 

Spent two years The result is that some people do not see the importance of some, they propose to take part in management, etc.

Expectations must fall out.
Donors have to be sincere, donate,
and if there are executive directors, they do not expect any compensation. 

The meeting will be held at the meeting room. For setting up the school, From the land at Pak Kret. The directors do not agree because they are far away.  
At Ratchadamri Rd. be lonely .....  

in the early 1951.

 There was a small wooden house  The entrance was a gravel road with broken bricks. The owner rents 1,300 baht a month.

We starts to set up a kindergarten school with two teachers, one teacher is headmaster, and one teacher is an assistant with six students. And the committee to help care for children. 

The Management :
Special education is taught by Buddhist monks. Piano Teacher Special Art and English From foreign teachers Teaching English is a popular way of using the conversation. Children use auditory learning. Can talk with foreign teachers as well.

 In the policy of educational management in schools, there is a problem with the government to stop the holiday, The school want to stop on religious day, but the government stopped the weekend and the problem has to change.  

From the first year of kindergarten 1 year later, I opened Kindergarten 2. 
When I started elementary school, I saw that this place was narrow ...Must ask for an additional 89 sq.m. total rental paid 1,400 baht per month.

The opening ceremony on March 7, 1951,
the Supreme Patriarch Krom Luang Wachiravanwong 

In 1954, the foundation began to have budget problems. 

Have a lecture by Phra Banya Muni Abbot of Wat Chonprathan Rungsarit expressed his support for the faith to see the importance of building schools, the people have a lot of money to donation more than 10,000 baht, then began to grow a single-storey wooden house for the first.

24 In the year 1958,  Phra Banya Muni  Show lecture and announce to the faithful to help dedicate the money to build wooden building two added up to a total new building from donating a total of 69,000. Baht  
However, this school was the only location with a temporary need to hire ...?  

Crisis period The operation of Sammajivasilpa School, Bangkok

In 1960, the land owner at the foundation rented a school, to sell the land. If there are other people who do not want to rent, what to do ...?  

Professor Luang Prinyayokvibul sell their land Pak Kret. Nonthaburi 10 rai 3 ngan 10 sq.To solve the problem that need to sell at only 300,000 baht to buy at school in Soi Phaya Naga, only 235 square meters, it cost 399,500 baht ( three hundred ninety nine thousand five hundred baht only ).
The loan contract 99,500 baht with interest and installment payment with the owner. And has asked donors for five years and can be paid out.

2509.The landlord added a 89 square wah rent to build a wooden house. Want to sell that again. Negotiations have been negotiated by installments within eight months ....? 

Luang Prinyayokvibul To use the effort by giving lectures in various places to ask the philanthropists to donate together to buy this land for one square meters. In this way, it is believed that Thai people still have a charitable spirit. It has helped to make money in time.

So that's the way the Foundation. The land is owned by Sammajivasilpa School. 324 square meters of Soi Phaya Naga, Bangkok, complete with money, Luang Prinyayokvibul and family together with the people who believe in donation,  
As mentioned

The three-storey school building of the school.
2510, Have a chance to meet the Minister of Health who are interested the school. 

Subsequently, in September 1967, the Minister of Health told on the phone that ML Pin Malakul Minister of Education. To support the construction of the school building for Sammajivasilpa School.  
The building is a three story building with a deck. Get help from Mr.Sawan Wandit Design and calculation of the cost of 1,300,000 Baht must be sent to the architect and engineer Department of the extraordinary approval before submitting to the Bureau of the Budget. Only 500,000 Baht has been approved by the Department of Extraordinary General Assembly. To pay the construction company with a cost of 1,000,000 baht. Then the electricity costs from the interest of 39,316.90 baht to pay. This work requires the donor to the foundation about 600,000 baht completed in 1971, the building called. "State-cwned " Ministry of Education  But The school has to pay the rent. 

His Excellency Sukit Nimanmint, Minister of Education, will hold the opening ceremony of the four-story building on the 4th floor.

Later received a letter from the Ministry of Education. Raise the building to be the property of the sammajivasilpa foundation.

That's because the foundation has paid higher construction costs than the state. And the foundation is for the Ministry of Education already. So let's put this building in the ownership. The foundation and the school. Soi Naga Ratchathewi Bangkok Currently.

in 1974.Samajivasilpa Foundation have more capital. 

 It has been proposed that in accordance with the determination to build a school in the countryside, but I want to see the money to sell Nong Ri Chonburi 39,860 baht, but with a waterless, to buy new land. . 

Later to  buy the land along Bang Phra reservoir Surasak Chonburi has an area of ​​57 rai, suitable for agricultural extension and other occupations. 

March 19, 1974 opened a comprehensive adult education and established a mixed high school. It teaches ordinary and professional subjects and is important. Provide knowledge of Buddhism as well as experiencing life. Approved by the Department of Extraordinary Education, one of the old school buildings in the center was built in this place. 

June 15, 1977. Permission to set up a high school.  
Because the foundation has limited reserves. We need to save and earn money to buy educational equipment by donating to the faithful on various occasions. I do not know. It is a pleasure to receive the courtesy of both the government and the public well.

August 27, 2532, the mercy of His Holiness the Patriarch
 In addition,
there are the secular parties who join the conversation and donate to school.

In the ceremony organized by the school, some of your representative Mr. Dusit Panichapat President That said, Mr.Sanvibu Ramkamut and his brothers built a building together. "House " as well as a memorial to the professor Luang Prinyayokvibul,  Is worth more than million baht as a property of the Samajivasilpa Foundation.
On Saturday April 28, 1990, Professor Thapanee, Vice President, represented the Foundation. As a donor In addition, Professor Dr. Luang Luang Prinyayokvibul, It also has a scholarship fund to support the operation of schools. 

2007, from a state that has a policy to support the private sector to organize education by establishing educational institutions or private institutions to help ease the burden of education.
The government has not organized or not fully. But nowadays, the National Education Act BE 2542 and the Private Education Act BE 2550, the owner of the school must be a juristic person.  
From the bad situation that private schools are experiencing. There are numbers of private schools in Bangkok. In the past, more than 200 of the 800, but the sammajivasilpa school is still alive. With sponsorship from the faith, donated to the Foundation.  

The objective of Sammajivasilpa Foundation will be to meet the ideal and the ideal of the founders ....?

That's a good thing. Improve your current school environment. But the business of Sammavit Foundation. It is built in the countryside. Agricultural policy, but not agriculture alone, must be built into a household industry. ? 
First step to set up school for youth "The moral of the profession" is to teach the ability to practice in the specific profession, according to the doctrine in Buddhism, to choose the profession that is right with the character they love.
for intermediate support person. Training in the development of knowledge in various professions can be combined to form a cooperative of the final community.
. The foundation will be sponsored by a fund to lend to careers. Established cooperative shop Agricultural cooperatives Industrial cooperatives 
To provide the community with utensils. Consumption of their own without external dependence. 
The three steps are based on the donation from the donor until the Biomass Foundation. There is enough property before and in the end. It is the center of  
Buddhism. I have a good heart, self-reliance, a person who is set in virtue, aims to complete.

In the management of the Foundation. The founders have the opinion that if one invites a great benefactor or an influential member to the Executive Committee. Or will the donor community understand that?  must fall into the group with them. The purpose of munit is to become a mask only. The people in the nation will not know to stand on their own. But always seek help. Should civil society to help each other will have a stronger unity in the nation and the organization will live forever. 

According to the founder's intentions. 
All directors are the Foundation's executives. Happened from the believer. Have agreed with The purpose is not to get any benefits. In return This is important. Does the foundation have faith in donations? Must be acceptable. 
The results are backed by charitable donations. This is the beginning of the donation policy set up by Punyanit Sammavibul The policy. Who wants to donate to fund a memorial? The foundation will only take interest in the administration.  
For those of you who passed away, ask for your virtue, the pure virtue that has been practiced. Be a factor Let your soul experience the joy of peace in the everlasting forever.  

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