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Remarks by Mr. Manas Sripen Secretary


The 33rd Session of the UNESCO General Conference, held on October 9-16, 2005,

The Prime Minister's speech.
UNESCO It should be devoted to these goals as well, which is central to the global population. How to do it? To meet any challenge. The impact on the population is more effective. It also includes the response to the need and need of the Declaration: "We are the people."

On this occasion, the Prime Minister also called on UNESCO to take part in the poverty reduction process, with emphasis on the resources available. Promote lifelong learning and utilize tools to maximize the benefits. For outside learning, the formula encourages the development of public facilities. To provide learning outside the classroom in developing countries with educational equipment. Left over in developing countries. And should be allocated for developing countries. In the midst of war, ideas and beliefs, education will play a major part in the victory over violence. How do we use education to fight those who kill innocent people? The answer is quality education. To endure patience, dialogue, openness, and mutual understanding. Eliminate insecurity, loneliness, misunderstandings. Fear of Difference This is a poison in many hearts around the world
. UNESCO Play a proactive role in promoting a culture of love, peace and support. Harmony in differenceThe Thai government is ready to work closely with UNESCO and its member countries. To ensure Peace will take place all over the world, believing that everyone refuses to destroy. Terrorism and violence And believe that everyone is in agreement. Compassion and compromise in life. And to make the violence go away in the end.
[Source: Pavel Nakarin. International Affairs Government spokesman Report from Paris France ]

Minister of Education's speech . Reiterate Education must be open to the potential of human beings . The ultimate goal of education in Thailand is Promotion of human potential Education should promote equality and harmony. Eliminate the gap of knowledge and technology. It must be geared to Achievement in Peace Respect for each other, so the project of science, culture and communication of UNESCO. It should be a project with a strong educational component. To raise awareness of the masses. And promote the potential for sustainable development. Public information, communication, as well as information technology. Must be a part. oneIn many projects of UNESCO It can be linked to other organizations with the same goal. To promote the education of people in both the system and the informal system, as well as lifelong education in all parts of the world.
[Source: Thai News Agency]

The International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention on 9 June 2005 at the United Nations General Assembly
The Minister of Labor has expressed his vision on the administration and development of labor that the Thai government has made bilateral memorandums of understanding with its neighbors, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, to change the status of migrant workers from Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Is a legitimate foreign worker Thailand will protect the rights. Legal and social Equally with Thai workers. It reiterates the importance of close cooperation from all involved. And the creation of Realize in society

According to the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare Convention No. 121 on Employment Policy, 1964, ratified on February 26, 1969 (1969),
to stimulate economic growth and development. Raising the standard of living Manpower requirements And overcome unemployment. And low-level employment Each member country must adopt and implement an aggressive policy. To promote full employment. Freely chosen And yield The policy must be aimed at ensuring that

(A) There is work for everyone who is ready. And looking for work
The task is to produce as much output as possible.
Freedom of choice And each worker has the most likely opportunity to use their skills. And their capacity. To choose the right job for them. Regardless of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality, or social background. .......

Currently there are migrant workers from neighboring countries. Especially from the three countries, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia who came to work. Thailand is legally registered. A lot of work especially in the workplace. These workers are considered to be a group of disadvantaged people who are often neglected. There are currently about one million licensed migrants in Thailand. According to the survey, these workers found Most often, workers experience legal status issues such as lack of understanding of the law, wage fraud. Having a working time More than the Thai Labor Law. And access to health services, including adaptation and communication problems when working in Thai society. These things are likely to generate Conflict in injustice Migrant workers And cause an impact. One of the reasons for this is that these workers No chance to get to know. Or understand the right And the duties that they have to have the power to negotiate. The lack of these things has always led to the abuse of migrant workers in Thai society. It is due to migrants.
Can not be understood or communicate with people in Thai society. T^he information can not be acxcessed.

Sammajivasilpa Foundation purpose
Clause 4.1 To maintain and promote education. By sponsoring individuals to be educated and engage in a career. According to the principle of Buddhism
4.6 to publicly perform or collaborate with other charitable organizations. Both domestic and international. For public benefit

Sammajivasilpa Foundation has sponsored t
he school at Sammajivasilpa School and the Thai -Burmese Co-operative Foundation to work on human rights and peace. Inpromoting and developing knowledge fore understanding Thai migrants life in Thailand at Sammajivasilpa School, Rajothevi Distriet, Bangkok. On Sunday, migrant workers who work in the Bangkok area. Expect Migrants will bring koowledge. These are self development. And behave In accordance with Life in the Thai society.....

Objectives of the project
1. To provide migrant workers
It has been legally registered. Social and moral knowledge is practiced in good faith.
2. To allow migrants to learn Thai. And other knowledge. This will lead to the development of quality of life.
3. To provide the migrant with a better understanding of the way of life. Rules of Thai society Can communicate with Thai people. To achieve peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding in Thai society. According to international conventions And the ratification of the Thai government.

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Project DEAR BURMA is a project of the Burma Campaign for Democracy (Burma), a non-governmental organization of the Thai people's culture and peace. For the development of knowledge and education for unskilled migrant workers from Burma who work or live in Bangkok, Samutprakarn, Nonthaburi, Samut Sakhon only.

Through study sessions every Sunday from 10.00am to 5.00pm. At Sammajivasilpa School Behind the Asia Ratchathewi Hotel is the main English course. And mathematics Social Studies Informatics Is a secondary course Students can choose to study voluntarily. Not compulsory as in Thai or English.

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Sunday School ... for Burmese Labor Rights
Deep into the Phayanak road. There is a small school in front of the school. The school's name tag reads "Sammajivasilpa School" from Monday to Friday. This is a small school for children. But on Sunday, do not be surprised, because we see young students. In white form and pants or black skirt. Hundreds He went to the classroom to read the chicken with a cock. I heard that immediately. They are not Thai people. Let's get to know these students. Who are they and who are they?

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